Visually inspect hundreds of websites in minutes, not hours

Use Linkder Chrome extension to visually inspect a list of websites or social media profiles in a snap. Click if it's a match or if it's not. Need to add a note? No problem, just add it to each link. After you're done, export everything into CSV file.

It's like Tinder but for links!

Save time and effort when doing...


Lead generation

Quickly review a list of websites to determin if they fit into your target audience or not.


Outreach personalisation

Go through a list of Linkedin profiles and compose personalised intro lines for cold outreach emails.



Visit multiple Dribble profiles of candidates in a snap and add a note to the each profile you visit.

How it works?

Step 1

Add links

Copy a list of links you want to inspect from excel or any other document and paste into the link box.

Step 2

Inspect links

Once you start the inspection, Linkder will open the first website from your list. On the left side, you can inspect it by scrolling, clicking... Optionally you can add a note to each link.

Based on your criteria it is either match or not . Either button you click Linkder will open the next website from the list. Then you repeat until you inspect all the links.

To speed up the process you can use keyboard shortcuts


Alt+Shift+J =
Alt+Shift+K = Note
Alt+Shift+L =


Ctrl+Option+J =
Ctrl+Option+K = Note
Ctrl+Option+L =

Step 3

Export links

You will get a CSV file with three columns; Link, Rating and Note.

Become a productivity ninja!

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